Custom Countertop Fabrication

Custom Granite Countertop Fabrication

There is a difference when it comes to granite companies. What can you expect from Solid Rock?

Granite Countertop Template & Fabrication

The process for custom fabricated countertops

Stone selection is the first step. We have a unique variety of slabs in stock- typically between 40 to 50 different colors. Having access to the entire slab is a benefit when selecting your color. Slabs can vary greatly so making a selection based on a small sample can be misleading, especially when you prefer a stone with more visual movement and texture. Our customers select the exact slab for their countertops that will be going into their home or business.

Once the stone is selected, a date will be set for us to come to your home or business to make a template. The template is very important to a successful project especially if you are remodeling and have uneven walls or a complicated space with many angles. The template is basically an exact replica of the shapes your countertops will be. Our experienced crew at Solid Rock wants the final project to be precise and of the highest quality.

Granite Coutnertop Template
Our customers have the option of a “slab layout” by using the template that was created for your project. This is particularly helpful if you’ve selected a color that has a lot of movement and pattern variation. The template is placed directly on the slab; so that you can see what parts of the slab will be used. Our customers do not have to be involved with this step- it is up to you. Not all granite contractors provide this option.

Once the template is complete, our skilled fabricators begin customizing your slab back at our shop. The slab is precisely cut and then the newly exposed edges are hand crafted by our fabricators into the edge profile you have selected. You have peace of mind knowing that we do all the work- start to finish.

After approximately 7-10 days for customized fabrication, our professional installers will install your stone in your home or business. You can be confident that every detail is attended to.

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